Hello, guys hope you are having an amazing day. I am here with another blog on a cookie. Yes, you read correctly cookie. Being in the computer world you might have heard of this word “cookie” now and then. So what exactly is this cookie? Where is this term used? And what is its significance in the tech world? Having a lot of questions in your mind? In this blog, I am going to discuss all these things in detail. By reading this whole blog, you will definitely be able to know and clearly, understand what these cookies are.
A cookie is basically text files that website store in browser about you, what you browse what you like or your preferences (your language, website name, your interests), it can also be what you have clicked on.
Now you guys might think that why are these data stored.

How website use your cookie?
Have you ever wondered that if you have logged in on a shopping website and add something to your shopping cart why you see the same items in your shopping cart even after you have closed the website, it gives you the same basket? The reason behind this is the website stores your cart information as a cookie on your browser so next time when you come upon the same website next time, it serves you the same basket again. Also, it is shown as a recommendation on another website.
Let us take the second example, about your login information. The first time when you log in to any website, it stores the cookie on the website with all your login details. So next time when you visit the same website, it recognizes you. But if you clear your cookies or even if it expires, the website refuses to recognize you. Sadly, in such cases, you need to login to the website again.
Language example:  Your preferred language gets stored as cookies in your browser so next time when you visit the website it remembers the language you preferred and serves you the website in that preferred language itself. Sounds pretty good right? A cookie is not just limited to shopping cart or your preferred language. It can contain many different types of information like all the links of a website that you visited from a certain website or how many times you visited a website.
Cookies are used for marketing purposes. If you look something on the internet your cookies can be stored and next time when you browse another website, these stored cookies can be used to display ads or relevant content on the website you are browsing.
Cookies also have an expiry date. It depends on various factors and also varies from cookies to cookies.
Now the question comes up on whether these cookies are good or bad?
It totally depends on your perspective and how you feel about companies storing your information and utilizing them.
Cookies can pretty much save your time when it comes to the items added to your shopping cart. You don’t need to search the items and add to the cart again.
It also saves your time by saving your login details by preventing you to login by entering your credentials again and again.
Generally, cookies do not affect your privacy. You can clear your cookie history or prevent them from being stored by clearing the cache or you can change the setting by disabling them from being stored.

How much is a limit of storage of cookies?


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Hope you guys like this blog and also hope that this blog has solved all your queries and questions related to a cookie. Still, if you have any queries or any questions let me know in the comment section. If you want me to explain any topic of your choice tells me in the comment section.

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