In this blog, I shall show you how to convert your AWS generated SSH pem key file to ppk.
First, need to download the from the

Extract the content and open PUTTYGEN.EXE file

It will ask for the security warning, just run the file.

Next, load the downloaded pem file by click on the load file.

Navigate to the path of the pem file and select the file.

The pem file loads and displays the public key pair content and the fringerprint key

Then next from the conversions menu, select the Export OpenSSH key, it will save the pem file private key in ppk format to be used via putty.

It will ask for the confirmation to save the file without a passphrase, select yes as option as while connecting to EC2 instance via putty, we dont want a passphrase prompt.

Just let’s give the file name and save the file in ppk format.

Now we can use the ppk file via putty, in the upcoming blog, I shall show the use of putty and use the private key and connect to EC2 instance. Happy blogging

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